Public Relations and Corporate Communications in Toronto

THE Pitch

If you're looking for big thinkers, keen observers, idea addicts, unapologetic challengers of the status quo and appreciators of all that is grand, noticeable and worthy of sharing, we're your people. As a communications agency founded to both create and unearth stories, we promise to bring a fresh curiosity and thoughtful perspective to everything we imagine and bring to life for you and your business. We're known equally for our sense of style and substance and also our appetite for the whatifs and the whynots.

Embrace the pomp. Find your circumstance. Let's get ceremonial about the whole thing and dive right in. Your serve.


Big ideas. Ninja-like execution. We believe the best approach starts with a long lens, an open mind and a vast range of experience. Because our team has worked on industries ranging from banking to health care to fashion and beauty we know how to apply the best of classic PR techniques with the ever evolving possibilities that make up the modern PR landscape. Wherever a good idea begins, we are adept at using the most cutting edge tactics to bring it to life from smart influencer programs and content creation to engaging consumer activations. We balance a cerebral 50,000 foot perspective with a zoom-in, ‘devil is in the details’ practical approach.