We're not pretty, or beautiful, or luxurious. That's the Dermalogica mantra. With a focus on skin health, we highlight efficacy over aesthetic. Pomp & Circumstance has successfully launched six Dermalogica formulas in Canada - from transformative night creams to at-home chemical peels. There's a reason why Dermalogica is the number one choice of skin care professionals worldwide. In a beauty industry saturated with brands that hide behind packaging and promises of pampered luxury, we keep things simple. Dermalogica leads with education and customized approaches to skin care. Backed by serious science and only the best ingredients, this brand avoids skincare fads at all costs.

To help Dermalogica stand above the rest, we execute hard-working PR approaches that drive consumer awareness and trial through best-in-class coverage. Whether it’s house calls for media to experience a night cream before bed, or a stability-inducing surf lesson to exemplify the importance of an ultra-stable formula for influencers, we do it all. You can't turn media and influencers into advocates with a stroke a good luck. Seeing is believing, and finding unique ways to bring ingredients and product benefits to life is the best part of our job.



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