October 17th. A date that will go down in Canadian history as the end of cannabis prohibition. The challenge was immense - launch multiple adult-use cannabis brands, while navigating impending regulation and legislation. Education and consumer safety was at the forefront of our minds while we helped craft and develop a net new category. This left us in uncharted waters but with a creative opportunity of a lifetime. Ultimately, we launched Irisa - a women’s wellness brand, and Canaca - a brand that celebrates the great white north, in multiple cities across Canada to an audience of stakeholders, media, and influencers. For Irisa we brought to life a new wellness regime, leaning on healers and mindfulness practitioners. For Canaca, nothing screams Canadiana like lumberjacks and pancakes with maple syrup, so off we went on an adventure (log-rolling style) ride to discover the new frontier. The result? Establishing the brands as industry leaders and paving the way for creativity to lead in execution. 



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